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Core Connections--Integrated III Curriculum Kit


CPM Integrated III Curriculum Kit is available for purchase and contains materials for a class of 36 students.

 Included in the kits are the following items:

  • 2 laminated 24" x 36" graph paper posters.

  • Additional laminated posters as recommended by CPM.

  • General supplies for a class of 36 students (18 pairs) including scissors, rulers, markers, colored pencils, tape, expo markers, glue sticks, etc.

  • A complete set of laminated teacher resource pages for classroom use.

  • A complete set of laminated student resource pages for team and student use.

  • Necessary materials for classroom projects so teachers can focus on planning the lesson instead of gathering needed resources.

If you are interested in customization of any kits, please contact us at or call (559) 798-8504 and we will be happy to assist you. 

The Core Matters team thanks you for your business!


 Algebra Tiles, Integer Tiles, and Hinged Mirrors can be ordered through CPM Educational Program.

Additional supplies for the classroom can be ordered from our “a la carte” menu.

Individual student resource pages are not provided.

Different sized kits are available upon request.

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